Studio Recording


No Walk-Ins Accepted

Appointment Based Admittance Only.

Contact Us if you want to schedule an appointment.

Thank You!

Record at the Instru-Mental Records Studio or in Your Own Rehearsal Space! Bring your equipment to our space, or we can bring our equipment to yours, Its up to you! Already Recording? Bring your final track to us to be mastered for the radio, flat fee.

$40/hr standard rate, see our current promotional offers for discountd rates.

$150 to have your track Mastered or Remastered by our Recording Engineers.

Professional Artist Management to help you meet the right people to book shows and interviews, assistance, economically, establishing merchandise, plan your budget to achieve your goals, and establish a positive Public Image and Electronic Press Kit.

Instru-Mental Records is the first Southern Maryland Record Label. Working together with the greater community, Signed artist are selected based on there involvement in the local music scene and there commitment to bringing thecommunity together.

For A Limited Time! Instru-Mental Records is offering a Promotional Deal on a EP length recording. Five (5) Songs or Twenty-Five (25) Minutes, whatever comes first.

$1000 Promotional EP Record Deal!

Our Team

Brandon C. Nichalson

Recording Engineer

Jacob Flanary

Recording Technician