We'll help you track what your spending and what your making in your music endeavors. From recording costs and t-shirt and music sales, to profits from shows and equipment expenses. Don't forget, those strings and cables are tax breaks.

You've got a Name and a Logo you want to get out there! We can help you maintain an inventory of the things that sell, we'll even help you price shop so you know your getting the best deal.

We'll help you get your EPK looking good so you can spread the word about your arts, And Look Good when fans look you up online. Your Image is Everything in Entertainment!

We've met a lot of people along the way. We will help you book shows, collaborate with other artists, and street team and share your artists events and EPK.

We'll give your priority booking in the studio or with any live sound, stage, and lighting provided by Instru-Mental Records. On top of that you'll get discounted rates on all equipment rental and technical service from Instru-Mental Records.

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